Embark on a Sing-Along Adventure with Oz Party Limo's Unique Karaoke Bus

Step into a world of musical fun with Oz Party Limo, Sydney’s premier Karaoke Bus service. We’re all about adding a fun twist to your travels, transforming every journey into a sing-along festivity. Prepare to unleash your inner superstar and groove to your favorite tunes while you head to your destination. 

Features of Our Unique Karaoke Bus

Sing Your Heart Out

Our bus is decked out with a top-of-the-line karaoke system, featuring a vast collection of over 85,000 songs. With dual microphones and a 32-inch screen for lyrics, you're all set for a star-worthy performance.

Nightclub on Wheels

Step into a party zone complete with plush leather seating, a dance floor with a pole, and custom LED signage. Our buses are equipped with tinted windows for privacy, a smoke machine, dazzling LED lights, and a booming DJ sound system, creating the perfect mobile nightclub vibe.

Bring Your Own Beverage (BYO) Policy

Feel free to bring along your preferred drinks, ensuring they're legally compliant and enjoyed responsibly. We uphold NSW laws and offer ice buckets to keep your beverages chilled.

Safety Assured with Professional Chauffeurs

While the party rages on inside, our skilled drivers ensure a safe and smooth journey, adhering to all road safety regulations.

Oz Party Limo promises a karaoke journey like no other, turning your travel into an electrifying sing-along event. From the moment you board until you arrive, we guarantee non-stop entertainment and fun. 


Don’t miss out on this unique karaoke experience! Contact us for bookings and inquiries.  

For more about our bus fleet, including detailed specifications and features, please visit our Fleet Page.

Contact us at 02 8776 6810 and let’s get the party started with songs, dance, and unforgettable memories!