Oz Party Limo: Premier Transportation for Business Gatherings

At Oz Party Limo, we recognize the vital role of transport in the success of business gatherings. Our services cater to a variety of corporate functions including workshops, symposiums, team-building activities, exhibitions, company banquets, product unveilings, holiday celebrations, philanthropic or network-building events, annual celebrations, and beyond. 

The cornerstone of successful event coordination is dependable transport, guaranteeing timely arrival at venues, a crucial factor when dealing with unfamiliar locales or limited parking. Oz Party Limo alleviates the stress of driving, navigating, and parking, offering a seamless and relaxed experience for all participants. 


Our fleet features contemporary, pristine, and diligently serviced vehicles, operated by skilled and courteous drivers, committed to exceptional customer care. Attendees are assured of a stylish, secure, and smooth journey to their business events.

Our vehicles boast climate control, plush leather seating, and privacy-enhanced windows. The interiors are enhanced with dynamic LED lighting and premium DJ LD sound systems, creating an inviting onboard ambiance. 

For guests desiring refreshments en route, our buses permit beverages, subject to legal compliance and responsible consumption. Alcohol is allowed for passengers aged 18 and above, with valid ID. Adhering to NSW regulations, we maintain the right to deny alcohol to anyone visibly intoxicated or underage. Upon request, we provide ice buckets to keep your beverages chilled during the trip.  


We also provide tailored transportation solutions to suit unique event needs. This includes managing diverse passenger counts, organizing multiple pick-up and drop-off points, or applying bespoke branding and signage on our vehicles. 

To discuss your requirements, contact our expert team, dedicated to customizing transport arrangements to your exact specifications.

For comprehensive details on our fleet, including seating capacity and amenities, please visit our Fleet Page.

For inquiries, reach out to us at 02 8776 6810. Let Oz Party Limo elevate your corporate event transportation to new heights of ease and elegance.